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Kids and Bull Dogs - NYC Gaming, User Acquisition Conversation, Demo 1

Above really beautiful children’s book was just demo’ed at NYC Gaming! Several people asked if there were any notes after missing out on the event, so I’ll try to write some up. This one is an interactive children’s book with a story called Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure.

It had a professional narrator’s voice reading out the story, big colorful buttons and slide out draws often blue paw styled, and some animations for things like bouncing objects in the scenes. I tried to remove the fading from the projector in the second photo of this set, but you can also check the link for better looking ones!

Business model is that it asks users to buy the rest of the books after the first 8 scenes or so. There are a few books, the one demo’ed being about the purpose of bull dogs, with many really cute dog and children scenes.

They are getting users thanks to some positive write-ups in pet and parenting magazines and forums. Also they made sure to support the first generation iPod, because parents may have handed those down to their children, and want to get the game for that.

Some things that came up in the conversation later is that apps often have a set amount of marketing budget. So a rule of thumb might be spending 30% on marketing to end up with about 30k for a 100k game. There was some disagreement about if the business and marketing people should come up with a strategy first and then the game designer should take over, or if that would ruin the game. :)

Different users use apps differently, with very young kids usually having stuff bought for them by parents and not sharing much beyond maybe with that parent. Teens on the other hand text a lot, talk about bands and other things a lot, have shown interest in atypical game topics like walking around a mall sharing fashion finds, etc..

I’ll cover some more of the demos in follow up posts! I write my own kids education app, Pen Study, with friends. Hopefully we’ll get it as beautiful and polished some day! 

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